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I’m Sonya Pryor Jones, a native Clevelander living locally and working globally with a network of tools and people changing the world 1 Space, 1 Project, and 1 Person at a time.
I was born and raised in the Glenville neighborhood, and I’ve been wondering what I can do as a leader in the international Fab Lab Network to improve my childhood neighborhood.

And you can help this beautiful project too!

We are looking for residents, civic leaders, and others to invest in Fab House.  You can join this effort with your time, talent, or treasure.  Reach out to us directly to volunteer your time or visit this page periodically to contribute to a current campaign.

We are fundraising with IOBY to raise money for our resident ambassador program. 

This summer we will support 12 youth to serve as our maker corps. 

These youth leaders will be trained in digital fabrication technology and teach middle school students during a summer camp and offer other STEM programming throughout the neighborhood. 

We need your help to pay stipends and purchase equipment and materials.

Fundraising Events

In 2019 we hosted Cleveland’s first Ice Cream Crawl.  This first of its kind event gave us an opportunity to promote Fab House, raise a little money, and have a lot of fun.

Due to COVID-19, the event was canceled in 2020.  No plans have been made for 2021 at this time.
Check here for future plans.