Our Vision

Our vision is that all Glenville residents will have access to technology and human capital expertise to help them acquire knowledge and skills for thriving in an ever-changing world.

Imagine reclaiming and repurposing a home in the Glenville neighborhood for social innovation. Fab House is a new model breaking down barriers and providing access through proximity right in the heart of the neighborhood.

Why Glenville? Why digital fabrication?

Cleveland’s renaissance has not benefited neighborhoods like Glenville just yet, and there is a great need to bring resources to the neighborhood right now.  Digital Fabrication is cutting edge technology that residents can use to prepare for the workforce, build businesses, improve their education, and create for fun and play. 

Digital fabrication is a manufacturing process where the machine used is controlled by a computer. Fab Labs are makerspaces with a curated set of tools and technology. The fab lab concept was invented by Dr. Neil Gershenfeld at MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms, and have grown into a network of over 2,000 spaces worldwide.

The Fab House was founded by Sonya Pryor-Jones who grew up in Glenville and is an experienced educator and leader in the maker community.  Sonya understands the benefits that a Fab Lab can bring to a community and drive potential in young students that need access to resources to tap into their creative and technical potentials. 

To achieve this, Sonya donated her childhood home to serve as the neighborhood location of the innovative Fab House.

The House

Fab House is the first community-based maker space in Glenville and the first model of its kind in the international Fab Lab Network. It will be an innovative space in Cleveland’s Glenville neighborhood providing residents with limitless possibilities of creation in digital fabrication. Fab House will be a place where the community can cultivate their own interests and gain new skills and knowledge for education and work.